Who We Serve

Our Mission is to Help You Focus on Your Mission

Our clients run from the startups to the large multinational companies, from the Family Office to regional hospital, to the global hotel group, and everything in between. 

For 22 years, Netswitch has been helping our customers protect themselves against cybersecurity and data privacy threats while ensuring compliance. 

How? With our proven and data driven process

we call 3 Steps to C.A.R.E. 

In Financial Services

“Netswitch’s extensive experience in the design, build-out, and support of network infrastructure, cyber security, and supply chain management systems combined with our global presence convinced our client that we could support technology requirements and planned growth at the same time.”

– Kim H, Chief Operations Officer
Multinational Private Equity Firm With $20B Under Management

In Software Development

“The telephony systems project was accomplished very successfully: the work was completed on schedule and within budget, and the system capabilities and performance have exceeded requirements. Netswitch proved more than equal to the task. They worked diligently and professionally not only completing the technical work involved but providing timely communication of status, issues, and recommended solutions.”

– Jeff F., Director of Technical Operations
Global Mobile Software Application Developer

In Manufacturing

“Netswitch has provided our IT Team with the opportunity to review our IT strategy and also the high-level skill required to secure and improve our network infrastructure. I am also impressed with Netswitch’s personal approach to handling our concerns and their willingness to commit to ensuring our objectives are accomplished. It is these values that Netswitch has demonstrated that have given us the confidence to continue to trust Netswitch.”

– Ben T., Chief Executive Officer
Multinational Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

In Education

“Your company has consistently demonstrated the dedication and professional expertise to achieve these values, and you have delivered the customer satisfaction we have always sought. We are fortunate to have a business partner like Netswitch that enables us to provide to our education system with the reliable IT services it needs. I know Netswitch will always be available to provide the assistance we require with their round-the-clock managed services solution.”

– Wilbur L., Information Technology Manager
School Focused on Sustainability Innovation and Regenerative Impact

In Family Office

“We are confident that the foundation work that you and your team have provided will lead to success in our migration process; we also appreciate your continued support of our IT Team. We understand that this project has had many hurdles and challenges, but your team has shown great patience, passion, and professionalism in overcoming these difficult problems. Your work was professional and your technical skills and expertise are above reproach.”

– John L., Director
One Of The Wealthiest Families In The World & Multiple Holdings In Public And Private Companies

In Hospitality

“As a General Manager of Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry, I have worked with many consulting firms, most being much larger than Netswitch Technology Management. As one of the best-recognized premier quality hotels, we demand very high quality from our service providers to meet the similarly high expectations of our customers. The Netswitch team’s personal touch and dedication have persuaded me to write this commendation.”

– Shane I., General Manager of Information Technology
Global Luxurious Hotel Groups

In Telecommunications

“It is my pleasure to commend you and your company, Netswitch Technology Management, for your excellent customer service and professionalism. Netswitch has added tremendous value to our IT/Telecom support with its array of services provided. Their knowledge and experience were the catalyst in my decision-making to entrust them with our past and future projects. In addition, their expertise and presence in Asia are beneficial to my supporting region. I look forward to a strong and successful partnership.”

– Robert C., Technology Director
$50B+ Global Telecommunication Provider of Digital Products and Services

In Hospitality

“Netswitch quickly resolved the problems that had blocked testing and then implementation of our new reservation system. With their help, we have been able to meet critical project dates and have now deployed the system. Netswitch then isolated and corrected network problems that had made our email system undependable and vulnerable to attack. Spam and virus infections were dramatically reduced and the system is, once again, a useful communication tool.”

– Ron M., Senior Vice President of Finance
Leading Global Hospitality Group & Spa Operator


Netswitch integrates Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics technologies to help organizations become more resilient and compliant.​


Hyperautomate ABCD (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Data Analytics) technologies to elevate cognizance. ​


Leverage hyperautomation to efficiently and accurately resolve human errors of technical and governance controls to meet compliance objectives and audit requirements.​


Long term plan designed to achieve objectives​

CyberRisk Governance (CRG) consolidates Hyperautomation, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Integrated Cybersecurity and I.T. solutions into a single system to increase data privacy and sovereignty while remediating risk incidents with Reinforcement Learning.​