What We Do

Netswitch has been on the forefront of securing networks for over 21 years, with the last 17 years focused on building the kind of cybersecurity protections that not only pinpoint vulnerabilities today but help you and your team navigate each step of your journey to a safer environment tomorrow.​

We also know that not all businesses have limitless budgets to afford the kind of protections other cybersecurity companies may have recommended in the past. We know every business is faced with expanding GRC requirements, even as this threat landscape continues to morph on a seemingly daily basis, while budgets and staffing level tighten.​

In developing our 3-Steps to Care process we at Netswitch focused on not only developing the very best risk management solutions for your business but also on how we could do so in time and cost-sensitive manner  in order to help you now so you will be able to see immediate and actionable results. 


3 Steps to C.A.R.E.

Know the Unknowns

Start Here
with our comprehensive assessment that will tell you, in real time, exactly where you are on the path to better cyber health.

Block What You Don't Need

Continue your journey
with us by subscribing to SecurIA® our managed Platform as a Service (PaaS.)  We’ll collaboratively create a progressive roadmap specific to your needs and resources.

Find Complete Satisfaction

Continuously Monitor & Measure
with our Unity Dashboard.
This collected data is used to compose a trending analysis with data visualization and work together for constant improvement.