Unity Risk Indicator

Find Complete Satisfaction with our Unity Dashboard

Imagine being able to visualize risk across your entire business across every function in real time then being given the “how to” to mitigate those weak points immediately. 

Imagine knowing at any given moment exactly how secure your company is. 

Imagine enjoying the peace of mind knowing that instead of worrying about your cyber risk, you can focus on what you do best.  

With our Unity Risk Indicator you can continuously monitor and measure your business’ risk to compose a trending analysis with data visualization to work for constant improvement. 

Up-to-the-Minute Spot Checks


Imagine being in an executive meeting and pulling up real time risk information, an exact picture of where you are, right now, in your journey of managing your risk.  

Imagine seeing and knowing minute-by-minute exactly how you and your team are closing the security gaps and reaching your cyber risk goals. 

Unity will help you visualize your security data and provide you with trending analysis. See each risk and weak point of your organization. 

With Unity, your data becomes information to elevate cognizance to secure your organization. 

Peace of Mind Across Every Function

Sleep better knowing that your company is safer from ransomware and cyber threats.  

With our Unity Risk Indicator available to you 24/7, you can face the day with confidence knowing your company is more secure. 

The Unity Risk Indicator allows all three stakeholders work collaboratively to mitigate risk.  

Unity puts the responsibility into your collective hands so that, across every function and in every sector of business, risk management is a daily success goal.