Taming the Two-Headed Beast

When Two Problems Lead to One Solution


  • How do you find, hire, and train a full IT team for your fast-growing biopharm company while also finding appropriate space for your relocation and managing your complete corporate move?
  • How do you ensure that your new IT staff has the skills and certifications your business requires while also seeing that this new team can jump in on day one and essentially hit the ground running?
  • How can you accomplish both with minimal to no impact on the daily workings of your business?



Meet Your Peer

a booming Biopharmaceutical company with two immediate challenges

  • BioPharm, is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company dedicated to seizing upon medical opportunities, efficiently and expertly leading product candidates through clinical development, and transferring value to patients, patient care providers, shareholders, corporate partners, and employees.

  • BioPharm needs to hire three skilled network engineers to act as their IT department and provide support throughout their facility for all network services. This team needs to be fully trained and prepared in all information technology and security services to ensure the continuous flow of work throughout the transition and beyond.

  • BioPharm has experienced rapid growth, resulting in the immediate need to move offices to accommodate that growth.

    This move includes finding the right location, setting up the new location with all technical needs and required systems security, and facilitating the move so that the scientists, researchers, and front office teams can continue operations with minimal to no interruption.

  • As a fast-expanding company preparing to go public, BioPharm needs to come into full compliance with the technology components of the Sarbanes-Oxley law.

Two Birds,

One Stone

When we stepped in on this project, we at Netswitch saw that we could solve both issues in tandem and with minimal impact on the functions of Biopharm‘s core business.

First, we provided complete project management including:

  • the prep and planning of the new space for seamless reconnection of systems
  • coordinating IT efforts with the move for minimal impact on core functions
  • the planning and installation of circuits, cabling, server room, all software and hardware from switches to routers, servers, and wireless access points
  • and full orchestration of the move to ensure seamless execution of all aspects of IT


Second, Netswitch implemented all BioPharm would need for both information technology function and all systems security, including:

  • installing a fully trained team of three engineers ready to go on day one
  • providing 24/7 infotech support and security from the get go
  • Our fully integrated One World Managed IT Services, and included SecurIA™, our MDR Cybersecurity defense-in-depth platform
  • a SharePoint server-based intranet portal for collaboration properly integrated with other Microsoft platforms
  • a Virtual Private Network for secured access for mobile devices, and
  • RansomeBloc™ for firewall automation to protect their network from unauthorized inbound or outbound traffic


With the move complete, BioPharm can concentrate on their core competencies - developing drugs that prevent and cure cancer - while their computer systems are professionally supported and maintained by a staff of engineers trained to assure customer support and satisfaction. Netswitch's monitoring tools enabled BioPharm to better utilize their existing IT investment and to forecast and manage future capacity needs on an ongoing basis.
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Decreased the complexity of GRC & technology fragmentation.



Maximized ROI with cost justification to validate the utilization of resources.



Positive mitigation of social, regulatory, operational, and reputational risks.



Increase efficacy with simplification of processes supported by data science.

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