When the Best Offense is a Strong Defense

A Case Study in Building Transformative Information Protections


  • How do you begin to meet your stringent cybersecurity requirements as a large and global nonprofit organization with limited resources?
  • How do you ensure your client’s data and your company’s assets are protected in your systems when your systems need to be simple and transparent for all levels of use and integration?
  • How do you improve your overall cyber resilience while empowering your staff and meeting all service objectives?

  • How do you meet local and regional data privacy standards in order to remain in compliance while maintaining a customer-focused initiative?

Meet Your Peer

LiftYou is a diversified social service organization that has more than 100 units and an annual service attendance exceeding 4 million. LiftYou serves different groups of people in need, including children, youth, women, adults, the elderly, and families.

Make Your Limited Resources Feel Limitless

LiftYou is one of the largest international organizations in the world and has been serving for nearly 140 years. In stepping into LiftYou, we at Netswitch saw that with the limited resources available that is so common in the nonprofit sector, performing our Security And Risk Assessment (SARA) would be the best place to begin for both us and LiftYou to “Know the Unknowns” of their cybersecurity landscape.

  • This simple process illustrated for LiftYou how their own systems and tools can be best utilized to secure their client’s data, their company assets, and to ensure privacy for all across the board.

  • Additionally, we were able to show LiftYou that taking the improvement of their cyber health into their own hands is an achievable goal, and one that will benefit their organization greatly going forward.
  • Our assessment took about one week, and in that time we were able to provide LiftYou with a clear and concise map of not only where they were in terms of their cyber health, but also what areas needed to be tightened up in order to help prevent breaches in the future.
  • And, while LiftYou has not yet experienced a breach to date, they now understand how it is to be prepared for the possibility. LiftYou has also established the goal of running SARA as a regular self-assessment in order to keep a knowing eye on their real-time state of affairs.

Bringing a Whole New Meaning to "Winning"

  • This global nonprofit serving millions of people can now know that they are not only providing invaluable service to those in the greatest need, but are doing so with the utmost concern for each of their client’s personal data protection and in compliance with the law.

  • First, our Security And Risk Assessment (SARA) was completed within one week and provided a real-time perspective on exactly where LiftYou stood on their road to better cyber health.

  • Second, we provided a complete list of current vulnerabilities and step-by-step instructions to mitigate each potential breach point – creating a strong defense for LiftYou

  • By following the road map we provided LiftYou achieved its initial goal of meeting the regional and local data privacy laws without sacrificing its transparent style of working with customers – something that is essential in the nonprofit sector.


LiftYou‘s staff remains empowered to serve their clients and protect their personal information.



LiftYou can manage their cyber health to maximize ROI.



LiftYou will continue to provide its services while demonstrating its dedication to the privacy of those they serve.



LiftYou has put in place technical controls to ensure the investments made for them will meet the needs of their communities.

Are you Ready to Better Build Your Cybersecurity Protections?