No Matter What

When Patient Care & Risk Management Go Hand-in-Hand


  • How do you ensure your cloud-based client data system is both accessible and protected in a varied and growing medical information ecosystem?
  • How do you identify and mitigate weaknesses in your security systems while still allowing for confidential data access for medical professionals caring for patients?

  • How do you validate compliance with both technical and governance controls while not breaking the budget?
  • How can you manage risk and your infrastucture at the same time while continuously providing team-focused patient care?

Meet Your Peer

a California-based healthcare solution organization looking to ensure the security of patient records across a broad range of access points

MedInfo has developed a cloud-based integrated care management and population analytics platform that allows the fragmented collection of caregivers, administrators, and patients alike to unify as a high-performing team focused on the individual patient’s care.

MedInfo‘s clients include some of the highest-performing provider organizations in the nation, managing their risk-sharing arrangements for commercial, managed Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage lives using MedInfo‘s integrated care management and population health management platform.

  • With the right information available at the right time, MedInfo‘s technology enables better decision-making throught the entire care delivery process.
  • In order to ease both the minds of patients and care providers alike, MedInfo is seeking a security system to integrate into this platform that will allow for access for all necessary parties while continually scanning and monitoring for threats.
  • MedInfo also seeks a partner capable of providing top-notch security, while overseeing all technical risk management with 24/7 security oversight and management of the critical network infrastructure.

Like Pancakes & Maple Syrup

Creating a Winning Combination


When we at Netswitch stepped in on this project we saw that by combining our integrated SecurIA platform with MedInfo’s cloud-based care management system, MedInfo can now offer secure access to its complex and far-reaching system knowing the information is protected by the most advanced threat prevention and mitigation program in the industry.

And because MedInfo didn’t want to deploy valuable engineering resources to the maintenance and management of their network infrastructure nor to the continual analysis and remediation of ongoing threats, intrusion attempts, and attacks, the integration of SecurIA with MedInfo‘s platform meant our system could then monitor the critical patient data ensuring it is secured with iron-clad compromise and theft prevention technology.



With SecurIA in place, MedInfo can now rest easy knowing that not only is their world-class health management platform accessible to their key partners in patient care management, but the system is also secured with the most advanced cybersecurity platform in the industry. MedInfo can further focus on bringing to medical care providers and patients alike advanced virtually integrated care delivery networks without worrying about the underlying network infrastructure or the threat of data or system compromise or external malicious attacks.

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MedInfo can now focus on delivering the best and most comprehensive of care to all their patients, regardless of location.



With SecurIA in place, every client of MedInfo can rest easy knowing their information is secure.



By providing MedInfo with a comprehensive baseline assessment within seven days, we were able to illustrate the correlation between technical and governance controls.



With SecurIA in place, every system access point is continuously monitored to proactively locate and defend against any possible breach.

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