Yes, You Can Make Everyone Happy All the Time

When Identifying & Mitigating Risk Goes Hand in Hand with Providing

Excellent Customer Service

  • How do you maintain the balance between providing your Fortune 500 customer base with excellent service while protecting their data?
  • How do you continue to control the end-to-end manufacturing process for your products which allows you to provide a high-quality and completely custom product?
  • How do you remain as streamlined as possible so as to not clutter your system and risk alienating valued clientele?

Meet Your Peer

ApparelConnect is a high quality apparel manufacturer, warehouse, and distribution company operating in North America as part of a larger international textile and apparel conglomerate that prides itself in owning every step of the design and manufacturing process, resulting in a seamless experience for their customer base.

  • Operating as a small business, ApparelConnect has been able to nurture excellent customer relationships with personal connections, resulting in happy and long-standing alliances.

  • Part of this positive experience for their customers is having the option to place orders via various digital formats. In accommodating this, some ApparelConnect customers prefer to send email communications with attachments.

  • In being able to place orders this way patrons receive a personalized customer service experience and ApparelConnect strives to ensure these orders can be facilitated in the most cost-effective and timely manner. 

  • But in allowing attachments in this manner, ApparelConnect has opened themselves up to the possibility of a serious data breach.
  • Also, with several Fortune 500 companies as consistent and valued customers, and with cybersecurity consciousness rising rapidly in todays’ corporate climate, ApparelConnect has begun to field questions about their information security and data privacy efforts.

  • While ApparelConnect has yet to suffer a breach of either their internal company database or customer database, ApparelConnect wants to be proactive in pinpointing exactly where they are in terms of their cyber hygiene in order to strive towards providing the safest and most secure environment for their customer’s peace of mind and their own business’ cyber resiliency.

  • By providing ApparelConnect with a comprehensive Security and Risk Assessment in a business week we were able to quickly and cost-effectively illustrate the correlation between technical and governance controls.

  • Furthermore, we were then able to plan their route satisfying ISO27001 requirements in a strategy that made efficient use of their company resources while ensuring better cybersecurity and their position as a safe supply chain partner.

Get to Know What You Don't Know

  • In ApparelConnect’s situation we were able to help them “Know the Unknowns” of their cyber world so that they could continue providing the exceptional customer service that has defined who they are as a business, while ensuring their company assets and information as well as their client’s data remains confidential at all times. 

  • SARA “saw” across their network and business systems to alert them to several areas of pivotal risk that were immediately identified for their SecOps to remediate. 

  • Our penetration test process also provided ApparelConnect with a comprehensive list of breach points across their network and a step-by-step plan on how to mitigate each hazard across operations.

  • ApparelConnect was successful in identifying and addressing each vulnerability leading to fewer risks and a more secure infrastructure.

Real Results in Real Time



Provided comprehensive remediation with a road map understandable to all stakeholders for immediate remediation, all within about seven days.



Provided recommendations for an updated and improved patch-management process and recommendations on policy changes to users use of certain applications.



Provided identification of all potential weak points throughout ApparelConnect’s systems.



Identified a weak and out of date server and demonstrated how critical it was to replace this server, providing cost justification for the budget allocation to invest in an updated server. 

Are You Ready to Find the Right Balance on Your Journey to Better Cyber Health?