Are you worried about being the victim of a ransomware attack?  ​

At Netswitch, we make it possible for companies to achieve compliance 100% of the time with an affordable cyber risk program. For any business, we’ll help you reduce stress, expenses, and waste — and help keep your company safe from a data breach.  

It’s never been easier to be assured that all of your data remains secure, and that your business is protected. If we save you from one fine or ransomware attack, our program has paid for itself. 

With our 3-Step process you can put your worries aside.

Our Security And Risk Assessment, or SARA, is the first step. SARA is an unbiased and consistent data-driven process designed to guide you to lower cyber risks and raise your cyber resilience. ​

With SARA, we help you assess and examine your company’s IT security and configuration gaps and prepare a roadmap to increase cyber resilience. 


What We Do

Are you looking for help assessing your company’s compliance to GRC controls?

Netswitch will identify your areas of risk and provide you with a strategic roadmap to improve your security posture. 

Rest assured, you won’t find another product on the market like this one today.

Are your nights sleepless because you're worried about a cyber attack and don't know where to start?

SARA is the perfect place to begin.

You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your company is safer from ransomware and cyber threats. With SARA by your side, you can face the future with confidence knowing your company is more secure.

SARA is an unbiased and consistent data-driven process designed to guide you to lower cyber risks.